Thursday, January 15, 2009

cold? what cold?

In the past few days we've had some of the coldest weather so far this season. Not that it's been what I would call bitter--lows around 20, highs around 30. I've donned some winter gloves and a headband to keep my ears from freezing; but aside from that, it's still just the usual, well-vented helmet, work clothes, sneakers, and some appropriate layers (work shirt, fleece vest, rain coat to cut the wind). It doesn't take me as long to cool down when I arrive, but I still strip down to one shirt while waiting on the train platform.

The morning rides this week have been unremarkable. I've had to blow my nose whenever I stopped, but otherwise no different from the usual. This evening, it was rough at the beginning, with significant wind, but the rest of the ride was pretty normal. The worst part was actually before I got going. My u-lock was stuck and took a lot of wiggling to get it open. When it finally came, I could see rust on one end. It hadn't occurred to me so far to watch for that kind of thing. It's sat in the rain a few days--nothing terribly heavy, but if it was going on all day, I suppose it would get some moisture in there. Maybe I should start spraying it now and then with some lubricant.

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